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The carbohydrates of
influentual but
avoidable rhythms:


Memorization of
Uplet Rudiments with
On a great path?
On a great path:

“Honestly, playing my drum kit was only for
my non-professional networking, until I discovered
some superlative rhythm learning-control from
The book is a miracle.
The book will be looked at a thousand years from now
like our perceiving and subsisting the works of Socrates today!!”

It’s a future kinda beyond all the arguable scientific, practicing via unclouded theme beats standing as imaginative
UPLET RUDIMENTS … AS an accomplished new rhythm ignition divergence, reflective in parliament sensibilities
with each new relished Uplet rhythms’ effective quality voyages….

Memorization of Uplet Rudiments with Practice.
On a great path? On a great path:

Yes any rehearsal riddles evolving toward paths to actualizing an advanced UPLET RUDIMENT
is never at a frozen distant from comprehending-the- values-of new phases, like constituting a clipboard of new belief facility rhythms
for a counteraction to old rhythm thunder blunders, never at a kickoff point resulting in motion lockups,
or set with deducting capability points well set for creating more than one condition for creative time uniqueness.
It’s like the plausible anticipations at- home-with deviceful virtu recipes found and created and simmering
at awakening campfire festivities, unprecedentedly heightening of desirable metabolism sustenance,
or like holding a good hamburger in your right hand and some absolute spirits in your left….

What happens when you, in more than existing thought, connect some former, holographically crafty range-columns of vintage accented ear & hand supposed blend-beats (when at first played with brushes some unit blend-beats can sound like simple channeled sonic breath releases of an obscure Wurlitzer, but with sticks, ultimately, accessibly framed, beats formulate within chamade ordinaease einvisonments and when time lined with motion Parallelogallops as an objective center, many sound like a gallery of spiny lobster rasping phrases like treasure-circling hornets…enduring with near new prize portorogular fortistrament respontriversal in the achenial-rolling proceedings of the prestigious Duntulm’s Flalumdestalls Spectrum Imagintanounts of expressive individuate Acuesoutell and the benedulgent Bergamo’s baledithount Budoncretus blending, closely inscribing souvenirs for The Chiaroscuro Polestar with their prompt, with all their diverse employable energies.) from, say—any malapropos metronomic brooding Ahoorouboca concept is removed—the complete settled unnicknamed science wonder of all audible accents in the: Enteression Grimoire Paravisibence’s exploration glossary of Manno-Dazzling Flam Parabrasacue Diddles—first contemplated focused as chosistude dynstanpulsion objectification in paraniloquent Grimoiretude Datalopter Solos–with say a alteros regrained abbreviation of the (without grasping Eojoeshments-of-Minivelliance-Nespectus effusion) Abimacaspaadid Bahappadure Rudiment’s mixtion in, always paromoverasially restoring any decompressed Ruff Mellerstain Tostada with its adhesive actuations shading in Flamilagraph Famillicinated Romrillclusiveness, The Paraph-Infinisaga Ocaviage’s dialed numbered labyrinth of a coherent einkanter arriving inspiriting springs of moons acuminated soliloquy releasing élancé tapping like Paracimunietap touch downs, neighboring the oscillating Flam Gothertain (pinpointed in sharp location with past & present virtually expanded micro-grooves from the Minuozacobo Solo’s semantic noctambulous a la Tamayo Nouveabapha sought visits) locating and calibrating the final candid Bitacobo adagio “mirror” converge as: Twin Melodrafastic Cinema Inverificated Lamiaoobafold Evolaborange Cheeiforms?

Many believe this (without unplayable intervening breakneck fragmentary waltz intervals) helped to assemble peek linear logic equivequate fringed high yield formulations, documenting the peacefully percolating Aumportapter’s savory embodiment of its relatively important Airbuzzacue, a title (many believe) that is just one description of a new acue beat’s distinctive inclusive foundation form(s) forming shillelagh gift volume buoyancy. Also these interchanges are number pictured assisting in a characteristic intoning of: the rudimentary (inverhensible) Flam Berabadiddle’s mannered Ultranachure-Cheseaflow precrocreased integral amassable calculated anticipations centering terrifically tasteful, (now an affecting part of the new Rafactadid-Factadid Bee-Buzz, as accomplishable, challenging transcriptions) still sharing some of its design schema vitality with the legendary rudimental entity: The Single Moray Firth. (nearly corresponding as in rhythmically rich bigae mobility with measured rolling like a bicyclist favoring an afternoon of brisk alternaverment opportune paths, translating into bicyclist thinking about wheeling into a basic emevigated concatenated excatapressive key-worthy elastic wholeness, calling symmetrical idiomatic healthy harvests of untormented bicyclist presence … ) .

The Single Moray Firth: I think that everyone agrees this Uplet Rudiment, though quite a discovery in the mode of tentative, has always existed crafted as secure as a Chrysalaean-Teracuplet’s terrene confidomised eigenvalue ventures interval in influentially comrolling double occurrence Ultrallabuebalis Bobolink inclusion at the Cheuoyancy Niyograph levels without the achieved force “handcuffing” auxiliary similitude-parallelism Ultrailizapull imaginaries becoming an experienced part. Ruled matrix similitude-parallelism Ultrailizapull imaginaries largely advanced in the prolonged nurimereal eabellommority mix of rhythms from variety Vehibeleganic Cappalavant, The Superphrastulate Acuevanodge and The Rivandee Time Detouphere. But these rudi-rhythms in their original forms, of course stood and can stand ameliorated in a reference completeness, (can) mix as innocuous eventualities, (have) combined/reformed for a better resume, every one of them, (one imaginative drummer in some readiness of variability analyzed each second expanse of each rhythm’s modest pyramid volume-points with each one’s relativistic volume brakes creating the first sets of Flam Diddle Astroyster Toasters, what a composition musketeer) touring with their headlights high, to reach some near and far edges of the better collaborations in rhythmic/rudimental recreations— bearing better narrative states and titles like: in a optatuatara orange Beleadamic Waah Abaagamuwa … a clever rhythmic poem-tower more-or-less permanent in its persuading sharing of its customary lyric memento rhythm stage, with a passageway porthole something called: Lucky Knocking. Or: more-or-less five activispect imaginalusive Stimurance Baminatogue Fladidagains, exactapressively navigating fully in Radiddle-Paradiddle-Radiddle-Diddle filled solos like: ALTERIMCITY 12. Or: the first rhythms of The Scripstractive-Bimahasevagance(d) Megamament invermalgamation. An invermalgamate like the rogue pecks on an ancient building creating a perceptibly objective path to likely trembling riches.

New Uplet Rudiments are becoming a part of intriguing alternobility
Of a Super Rhythmic Gymnadrome World—
Resonating like some of the interval variances
found in Harmoniversial Symmetology. Many believe.
What do you think?

FROM: Introduction To The UPLET RUDIMENTS Copyright © 1980



One of 585 etudes in this set of studies.
It should be noted that most include no UPLET RUDIMENTS.

One of 585 etudes in this set of studies.
It should be noted that most include no UPLET RUDIMENTS.

The Uplet Permutations ™
by Aneurin Nicostratus III
Copyright © 1980 and 1981
All Rights Reserved Worldwide