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Donovan Young
Associate Professor ISyE
Georgia Institute of Technology
An Awesome Professor, Musician, Individual,
one of the most creative people ever energizing
Space and Time!
Donovan Young Textbooks
* Modern Engineering Economy *
* Industrial Engineering FE/EIT Exam Prep *


“A spaceship is a delicately balanced environment.
Every element that doesn’t contribute to the overall functioning of the system
is by definition working against it.
The same is true of our planet – our mothership – though sadly,
most architecture today is slowly fatal to nature’s systems.”

Constance Adams


Bernard Purdie

The World’s Most Recorded Drummer
On More Number One, Top Ten & Top Twenty Hits Than Any Drummer
– Sampled More Than Any Drummer –


The New Universe For The Drumset
Copyright © 1981
All Rights Reserved Worldwide