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Keisel Killing it on Timbales



SLURRING a windshield with calculated distorting legitimacy,
Beneficial, practical, tempering one just, briefly, shut down society

NO transposing one civilization’s one-part realized mania
Ongoing online necessity, its outgrowth encore transfiguring
Clamping a defrost on a top-most intensified festivity,
Down-to-earth obtaining stacked orbit re-establishments
Interweaving the overcrowded used stoplight.

YIELDING clear, brisk shimmering intimate unburdened stances
From inaugurated current identified retreats … unequaled
Sensing specific lift vessels, reflecting climate coincident virtues
Outstanding honors conclusion isolated in a gold haze
Satirical effects escalating theorized gestures, dictating bright!
Whenever I blister in my own fever …

SELFISHNESS is subtracted with structured scientific fabrication
Enormous productions on symbolically fabricated tracks
Invective monasterial claims becoming an extended obscurity
Period is commonly bureaucratic with well-known novel ripeness

WITHSTANDING a mixture of insecurity clocks, cliches celebrated.
Shrouded, attempt being a merriment commendation substitute
Yeah, persistent stunts, the vanguard of amazing critiques
Promoting an unspoiled BABYLON, perplexing a whimsical star
Delivering related harvests of mighty circuit-checker obligations
Esteemed Multimedia murals mysticism, cabling symbolized insight
Transmitting Iliad pictures monopolizing experiment certified ideas.

The Uplet Rudiments ™
by Aneurin Nicostratus III
Copyright © 1980 and 1981
All Rights Reserved Worldwide